How to transform your home into a smart home in just 4 steps in an economical, simple and fast way? We explain it to you in this article.

First move, the lights. Alexa turn on the bedroom light! That said, whether it’s Google, Alexa or Siri, your voice assistant will turn on the light even if you’re away from home. Not only that, if you want an “ambient” light, you can ask to either decrease the intensity or establish the color. With Dudùu light bulbs and LED strips you can create the effect you prefer in your home and installation is very simple. Simply replace the smart light bulb with the traditional one and configure it via the dedicated app. 5 minutes to control the lights by forgetting the switch!


Second move, TV and air conditioners. How many times have you spent hours looking for the remote control for your TV or air conditioner? And how many times have you wished you could turn on the air conditioners remotely to return to a comfortable environment? From now on with the Dudùu IR device you can make your wish come true and make your life more comfortable. This device can transform old appliances into smart devices that respond to voice commands and you can control from a distance.


Third move, smart grips. With the Dudùu smart home range you have at your disposal a wide range of smart sockets with which you can control all the appliances you want. Coffee machine, washing machine, dishwasher there is no limit, you can control everything that needs to be connected to an electrical outlet via the app and thus program it to your liking.


Fourth move, security! The camera from the Dudùu smart home line is ideal for controlling your rooms remotely or even simply from the next room. The cameras are equipped with two-way audio, you can listen and speak from a distance. And if you are away from home you can control your rooms from your smartphone, record what happens and you can activate a motion sensor that will alert you if a stranger enters.

In 4 steps you will have made your smart home and your life much more comfortable, without calling a technician and spending a fortune with the Dudùu sales.


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