YELLOW – Meaning and properties of the color

Coupled to the third Chackra the Yellow color is a symbol of the sunlight but also of knowledge and energy, both of intellect than nervous. The yellow color has the ability to adjust the frequency of the heart beat and blood pressure. Also, the Yellow acts on the digestive system and of the liver but also on the bladder, and the spleen. The yellow hue colors act on different aspects of our personality and attitudes: generally it favors extroversion, and the ability to concentrate.

The personality according to the color yellow

Those who prefer the yellow color is an extrovert who accepts with joy the news and is usually equipped with a fervent imagination. Those who prefer the color Yellow manifest a vitality in alternating phases with more or less high peaks. Very prolific in terms of ideas that apply to the real world is also subject to rapid changes in the face. It has many expectations about its future and loves renew and make new experiences. Often it tends to seek approval of the people around him and does everything possible to be admired. Also he suffers loneliness.

Who shuns Yellow color often she feels disappointed in his expectations, and lightly esteemed by the people who are part of his circle of acquaintances. often it falls into the trap of little confidence in its means even if this gap can be bridged only riaccumulando lost energy.

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