“The world is preparing to celebrate March 8, International Women’s Day, to pay homage to all the female voices who have fought and continue to do so to claim their rights.

Women are energetic, always organized, capable of managing unmanageable and attentive to details. It is these details that make the difference: even a small gesture can transform a moment of theirs, making it unforgettable. “


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Ideas for your love

Dudùu items have an inimitable style that adapts to the characteristics that mark every woman: uniqueness and energy. Here are some tips to make the day that honors the woman, her strength and her achievements special.


Imagine welcoming the woman of your life into the house with a bouquet of flowers, the notes of Fiorella Mannoia in the background sing “But you can still find us here, on stormy evenings bring us roses …”, a soft light and a nice dinner on the table. Not sure how to organize all this? Mood can help you create the right atmosphere thanks to its adjustable LED lamp function and Bluetooth speaker. Mood’s design makes it customizable with a phrase, name or audio track of your favorite song.


Often after a hectic day spent in different environments, we think of the poor hygiene of our devices or objects that unfortunately collect external germs and bacteria. However, it is possible to relax and let Dudùu Pod do all the work: a real beauty farm for devices and personal items. Place your phone on the device to charge it and leave your glasses, keys, earrings and other personal items inside. Thanks to UV rays and the ozone diffuser inside, the device will sterilize by eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.9%, in addition the aroma dispenser will perfume the objects with your favorite fragrance.


Superheroines of our days but unfortunately without the gift of ubiquity, the women we meet on our journey are often full of commitments that don’t leave them time to stop and recharge their smartphone. Dudùu XS is the solution: it allows you to keep in touch with your family, work, take online fitness classes and listen to music for a whole day without having to rush to find an outlet to recharge your smartphone’s dead battery. The small size makes Dudùu XS the perfect portable charger to put in your bag, even in the smallest one.

Sound Up

Plan a moment for your woman to devote completely to herself. What’s better than a little relaxation while listening to your favorite music. Sound Up gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself completely by being lulled by the melody without abandoning comfort.

Get ready to pay homage to women every day! Visit the store for more ideas.


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