Whether large or small, the bag for women is indispensable: a must to complete your outfit, a faithful companion in adventures and above all useful for carrying personal (or emergency) items with you.

“A woman’s bag weighs as if her life were inside it” sings Noemi, and actually inside it is possible to find a magical world, but above all without a bottom. In fact, women are always prepared and ready for any eventuality, and this is how the objects contained in their bags reflect this prerogative.

But what are the objects that must never be missing inside?


Items you need when you go out, even if it’s a half-hour ride. It may happen that you need your documents or have to pay something.


It would seem useless to mention it given its enormous usefulness and frequent use. Smartphones are now a constant in our daily life and without them we often feel lost.

Makeup and pocket mirror

It can happen that you spend the day out and suddenly be invited to have an aperitif or have to go to a business conference. The emergency make-up to always keep in your bag gives you the opportunity to touch up that small imperfection or resume smudged eyeliner. Obviously you won’t need a bathroom thanks to your personal folding and handy mirror.

Dudùu S Powerbank

Obviously our smartphone’s best friend, and so is our rescue anchor in time of need. In fact, it happens that you spend the whole day away from home without the possibility of having sockets nearby: Dudùu S is the perfect, comfortable and close-at-hand alternative.

Emergency Medicines

Mery Poppins’ bag can only contain medicines. Sudden headache or even the need for a patch can happen at any time. How can you be caught unprepared?

Bottle of water

Hydration is very important. Drinking water helps not only our body but also the appearance of our skin and hair. And what’s better than a nice sip of water on a sunny day.


Whether it’s good weather or cloudy, glasses have now become an accessory that enriches our outfit. Sometimes also used as a peak for the hair or simply to cover slightly tired eyes without makeup!

Mask and hand sanitizer

In recent times it has become unthinkable to go out without a mask, an object that is very common to have even in the bag in case it can break. Given its great need, why not think about matching the color of the mask to the bag. Another great importance is the use of sanitizer. It often happens that you sit on the subway, at work or go to the supermarket and need to disinfect your hands.


Also Maria Chiara Pedone (@mcped), Wedding planner e Fashion influencer chooses to always carry Duduu S with her: the chic powerbank, customizable and adaptable even for the smallest clutches.


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