When virus fear makes appear other diseases: let’s talk about rupophobia!

The spread of the dangerous Coronavirus made arise another fear called rupophobia, the irrational fear of dirt

We are now bombed by the importance of cleaning hands and surfaces to avoid the contagion of viruses . Attention in cleaning is never enough, but it made appear also a new fear, the rupophobia or the fear of dirt.

Actually rupophobia is a very complex disease linked to anxiety due to affective lacks. Anxiety is transferred on everything around us, as cleaning could help us erase dark feelings, giving us a relief.

It seems strange to talk about the fear of dirt in a period in which cleaning is fundamental, but we can’t confuse the simple fear of contagion to a serious psychological disease.

The object that should terrorize the most, both those who fear the virus and those who fear the dirt, is the smartphone. We all use smartphones all the day, in our free time, to work, to chat. We put it everywhere…so it isn’t important how many times in a day we wash our hands, everytime we would touch our smartphone they will be dirty again.

How can we avoid this problem? With Dudù Pod, that we can ironically define “rupophobics best friend”.

Dudù Pod can recharge your smartphone and  clean it. You have just to put your smartphone in this little box to find it completely clean thanks to UV lights.


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