When a trial costs nothing

A society in which consumer trust and loyalty play a fundamental role for the growth of a company and the creation of a business, the opportunity to try and test without obligation products, services and, why not, experiences it’s one of the winning strategies to use.

The temporary use of goods is increasingly becoming a constant in our daily life.

The ownership concept has changed, the sharing concept has entered more than one field. What really leads the consumer to purchase is the awareness that their needs will be satisfied even before buying.


Not only in this field, but in every field and for every initiative.

Amazon: Try before you buy

Bezos, patron of Amazon, was a far-sighted man and, as usual, he did it well activating a service we were all waiting for: “Try before you buy”.

In a few words: try it and, if you like, buy it. Otherwise, don’t worry! Nothing is gonna happen!

Launched as Prime Wardrobe, this new service was first extended by invitation to a small circle of customers and then it became accessible to all, without service or return costs.

Amazon Prime Wardrobe went beyond one of the limits of e-commerce allowing the user to test and try before and making the online purchase a concrete and more interesting action.

Zalando: Try first, pay later!

Zalando didn’t think twice. Thanks to the service “Try it first, pay later”, it increased the number of visitors and, therefore, the number of possible final buyers.

In this case too the service consists in giving the chance to try and eventually return the clothes we didn’t like and we don’t want to buy.

From trail to purchase: a short step

The hybridization process between physical and online channels demonstrates the creation of a new retail phase : the “next retail”. This phase is characterized by a more satisfied buyer, an increase of customer loyalty, as well as an increase of purchase.

The free trial, without obligation, is the right strategy to increase your business.


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