Wearable technology or what we did not expect and what we did not knew we could wear

Life simplification is a goal that always leads to look beyond, the imagination starts to move and the mind starts to travel, but there are some things from our future that we (probably) just did not expect or we did not knew we could wear: technology.

Key concept: make easier

The wearable technology field is growing at a rate that has not been seen before. The key concept from which it takes origin is the life simplification through technology that helps us and puts itself to our service in every situation, with no quality lost.

Analogue memories of a digital present

The history of wearable devices has far away origins. If we do analyze very well our history we realize that one of the first “wearable devices” was just the wristwatch, then we had walkman, a trusted friend of several generations.
The transition from analogue to digital era was the fundamental leap that made wearable devices something we cannot do other than have. Meanwhile we gave importance to the wearable technology, reflecting on its usefulness and on the possibility of making our life smarter and easier more than we could imagine.

When your wrist becomes smart

After the analogue wristwatch, our wrist became an active player in a wonderful change: the new digital era (and not just digital, but smartwatch). Small, good-looking and comfortable devices to wear that are “simply” connected to our mobile phone and that are able to collect and store data. These devices avoid you taking the phone in your hand, let you pay comfortably without cash or stray cards and calibrate your pulse rate. An unimaginable support that not only helps you to simplify the process of filtering the information on which we want to draw attention, but it also helps you to have an updated status of our vital conditions.
It is not a coincidence that even the activity trackers are widespread and are a real godsend for enthusiasts who want to monitor their physical condition by tracing every single step and beat.

Health care in medical field

Among the advantages of wearable devices we can count the possibility of health protection. The medical field makes the best use of these technologies in order to offer better and better service to patients and doctors who need an ever-watchful eye on the health conditions of their patients, including by remote. For example they can monitor sleep quality and, in cases of emergency, cardiac irregularities, to give a double support both in care and prevention.

The most popular

The expense planning for the wearablw technology field in 2019 will be of 42 billion (16 billions for the income of smartwatch).

The current ranking sees the smartwatch in first position, immediately followed by hearables and wristbands which occupy the same place of ear-worn.

A special one

New patch? No, take a look, it’s a display!

Imagine that you need more than one alert or registration to check a patient’s health, a monitor would be a perfect solution, isn’t it? Well, a team of Japanese researchers has made your dream come true by creating a “wearable display”. It’s as small as a patch, flexible, thin and non-invasive, able to measure temperature, pressure, heartbeat and myoelectricity (bioelectric potential produced by muscular contractions). If this is not enough, then know that the “patch” is also equipped with a system that sends data to the doctor and to cloud storage.


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