What’s more romantic than surprising the person you love by dedicating your song to him on Valentine’s Day? Nothing better, to celebrate the evening dedicated to love, a “candlelight” dinner, the two of you alone and the background music of Mood.

The new Dudùu product is also perfect for the most demanding romantics, a power bank, a Bluetooth speaker, an LED lamp and the possibility of personalizing it with a dedication. If you were looking for the gift to leave your partner speechless, you found it! But let’s see how it works.
Available in 2 colors, white and oak effect, we can customize it by inserting a phrase or a name of your choice, in addition, you can insert the Spotify “QR Code” with the track of your favorite song. Mood will thus become a unique and original gift.

You can give it to the restaurant, at home, wherever you prefer, because it works even without electricity, you can take it and listen to your music wherever you want, without risking an empty mobile phone, because it also works as a wireless charger. The practical luminous arm acts as a holder for your smartphone.

Customizing Mood is very simple: choose your dedication and your song on Spotify, copy the link of the song and insert everything in the Dudùu shop, just two days and your gift will be ready to surprise the person you love.

On Valentine’s Day, choose the right “Mood” for a super romantic evening.

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