Useful tips for dealing with family celebrations

Christmas is the party to spend with loved ones, but how to face the fateful Christmas Eve dinner and subsequent lunches with a crowd of curious relatives full of expectations? Here are some practical tips.

Let’s start with the gift to be found under the tree. In order not to disappoint anyone, we choose a gift that can be suitable for everyone and is always useful, but also original and in step with the times. A product from our Smart Home line will be able to surprise even the most technological of your uncles or cousins. If, on the other hand, you want to give a touch of originality, then you can choose a Dudùu product to personalize with an impressive phrase and the name of the recipient.

In the very long grueling Christmas lunches, for a break between a question from Uncle Carmelo and Grandmother Giuseppina, or simply to give yourself a moment of pause from the screams of the nephew, there is nothing better than to put on the comfortable Sound Up headphones by Dudùu and isolate yourself a few minutes with your favorite music, maybe it’s not White Christmas.

If you have decided instead for a nice  out-of-town trip then it is better not to be caught unprepared when you will need the classic souvenir photo, woe to having an low battery smartphone! Get the brand new S Dudùu power bank. Powerful, they recharge the smartphone up to 3 times and have magsafe magnetic recharge, no problem even without a cord.

To create a magical atmosphere even outdoors or at the table, perhaps improvising a Karaoke, there is the brand new Mood product by Dudùu, LED lamp, bluetooth speaker, smartphone stand and power bank. Fun is guaranteed even without a power outlet nearby.

In any case, whether you are at home or away, with relatives or not, we wish you a magical and sparkling Christmas with all our hearts.


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