TuttoFood 2019: meetings, community, experience

TuttoFood ended but, in our memories, it remains a unique experience not only for the heady and tasty aromas of the excellent foods we tasted, but for the communities which have been created and the stories circulating throughout TuttoFood2019.

After all, you’ve been warned: we don’t really like stopping!

We want to say thank you to TuttoFood 2019 team for supporting us and for the space they gave us in TuttoDigital area. We want to say thank you to you too who have come and found us to discover us and get involved in your projects.

Here you are a small gash on our experience inevitably told with a bit of pleasant nostalgia.

The fair

TuttoFood 2019 is the international B2B food and beverage fair, held from 6th to 9th May at Rho Fiera Milano.
The event review? Simply positive and record-breaking. More than 82,500 operators (including experts from 143 countries) and 3,000 (Italian and international) brands participated in direct meetings; more than 1,400 journalists and 300 Italian and foreign accredited bloggers.

Relevant presences

The international hub saw the participation of relevant presences like Gian Marco Centinaio the Minister of Agricultural, Food, Forestry and Tourism Policies, who inaugurated the Fair on May 6th.

The #digitalnews of TuttoFood2019

The focus of 2019 edition was not just on the product but, on the news that the fair carried out. Between vertical thematic areas (TuttoWine, TuttoKosher, TuttoHalal) and the Evolution Plaza (meeting area for companies and research centres) we saw the creation of TuttoDigital Area, a space dedicated to start-ups and innovative companies, operating and transforming in this filed, which gives new light to the future consumer experience to be offered to the final costumer.


The digital village set up in Hall 10 give us the opportunity to showcase the innovative potential of the our products and the contribution they can make to the food sector to offer new consumer experiences.


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