Turn on A/C remotely: for a cool room and guests satisfied!

The possibility of traveling again and enjoying moments of relaxation has allowed many people to finally book their holidays after months of travel limits. For this reason, the next summer season will be sold-out for all tourist activities.

Are you an owner of a B&B or a room rental and you want to improve your customers’ satisfaction? If you want your guests to be satisfied and you want to preserve the possibility that they become regular customers, we have the smart and fast for you!

The WiFi and IR control hub is an infrared device that allows you to turn on A/C , TVs, fans, media players, set top boxes and much more remotely!

This hub allows you to control the devices in your facility wherever you are by simply using your smartphone by using the Smart Life / Tuya app. Are you running out of time? You can share your access with multiple devices and with all your employees!

The voice command, compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, will allow you to change the air conditioner temperature, turn on the fan, switch over, play movies, turn on your multimedia box and much more!

Are tourists on their way? With DUDÙU SMART WIFI UNIVERSAL IR REMOTE you can easily manage your time. For a top service and satisfied customers.

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