Trends: have you ever heard about the mix and match style?

Often, even unconsciously, a practice that lasts over time can become a trend. What am I talking about? Mix and match!
Did you ever mix colours, shapes and materials to build living space, working space or your dreams images? That’s it. In that moment, unconsciously, you have used or you were using the mix and match method.

Mix and … What ?!

Yes, you read it right, mix and match. Literally, it means breaking the taboos, following your very own personal tastes (whether they are right or wrong). The crux of the matter is : to be ourselves, do not pay attention to established concepts and even distorting patterns, without worrying if others like or dislike what we have created.

Contamination: yes! if you didn’t notice it, it has already happened!

The areas in which creativity plays a fundamental role. Here you are the fields contaminated by this trend.

Fields like…?

Fields like design and graphic design are totally involved in this trend. A trend (let’s say it) we like because it lets our imagination and creativity be free, no worries about criticism and no renunciations.

A time where everything may seem unoriginal because it tastes like a déjà-vu

Mixing styles, colours and shapes without being influenced by others who tell us what to wear or what colour to wear can be the winning move, a symptom of strong originality, as well as character and personality.

Design: a new perception

If we talk about design, the mix and match trend is the opposite of minimal style (until recently a trend banner).

Yes, of course, but I’m not a designer. So, I mean, how can I know what to match?

This is the blessing and the curse of the mix and match style. This trend means leaving the easy path and not being afraid of the final result.

No, don’t worry, I’m not telling you to choose things at random, just the contrary.

What you have to do is evaluate what you like and then follow a few rules to make them fit together perfectly:
– shapes: play and overturn the classic perception of a plain and simple chair and table, dare with oval and squaring shapes;
– colours: choose the combinations by evaluating first the architectural elements that make up the space, choose opposite or complementary colours and never choose a palette at random;
– materials? No, there are no rules for materials. From iron, to wood, to brass. Feel free to make your choice.
-overall? Just don’t try to overdo it.

You would end up getting the opposite effect you don’t want: confusion and an unsettled space.

Graphic design: a new technique

Entering the graphic design field is difficult because I know that every graphic designer has his own personal style.

What can we do to exploit the positive sides of a personal vision? Summarize it and harmonize it with the trend.

If it is well used, this new technique can help the professional to establish a hierarchy between the mix of elements to guide him in his work and to strike our eye and our mind unexpectedly.

The mix and match technique is extremely popular and invades even the designer’s way of communicating a product or service with elements, materials and packs never seen before.

So what does this new trend teach us?

It teaches us the desire to break the mould and fully express ourselves and what we like. It’s what we missed to reach originality by our efforts.


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