The location for your restaurant? Original and innovative!

Food is an industry in continuous growth and evolution. The ones who want to enter the field  of  food and drink services (enter a sort of golden circle) can not avoid keeping an eye on the new trends and on the people expectations and wishes that nowadays are completely different than the past. People are now more open minded, inclined to explore new ways and ready to try new oenogastronomic  experiences. The essence of these experiences is no more just in preparing and tasting dishes but, in the setting and in the location atmosphere too.

A consumer experience

Today we can not simply talk about places to go but about the discovery of a new consumer experience, that’s what it is. A restaurant, a bar or a pub can’t be considered anymore like a meeting place for an evening with friends but a real stage in continuous evolution, its proposals must lead customers constantly towards new experiences which include the setting too.

Clothes make the man

Having said that, we can affirm (in this context at least) that clothes make the man. Restaurants have to focus on many things such as location setting to make the people curious and to attract them on its proposals and setting conception.

New furnishings trends in the food services field

Let’s have a look at the new furnishings trends in the food service field

Old but gold: vintage style and boho chic

A very good time for styles that never get old: vintage style and boho chic. In fact, once again this year the Retro style is (and will be) more and more popular. A Retro style made of velvet furnishing accessories (fauteuils, chairs and sofas) and a bohemian style adapted to postmodern contexts in which colours juxtaposition is bold and furnishings are made of recycled materials (i.e. faux leather, velvet or wood) that give you the feeling of a finely (and falsely) shabby style, a style that is extremely trim.

Industrial and green spaces

This minimal design is both perfect for huge spaces (the industrial touch in open spaces gives personality) and small ones (furnishing in an industrial style helps you to optimise spaces without losing personality). All the materials used, such as rough wood, dark metals, copper and steel, give you the feeling of cleanliness and sobriety.
This year the industrial style is characterized by a green face, this trend uses as much as possible corners with ground, climbing or potted plants, giving this way the ambience a more natural touch.

More than a trend, a real way of thinking: the pop-up restaurant

Initially born as a trend for an innovative approach, the pop-up restaurant consolidated until it became a real way of thinking in the food services field.
The guiding principle is a restaurant location obtained from spaces that were used for anything else without changing the original physiognomy and preserving the characteristic features distinguishing the building. A perfect mood to take advantages from the history of the location too.

Be original and innovative with Dudùu

The future is going to be very competitive and according to the concept of “clothes make the man”, there are two advantages that can make the difference in this field: soul and personality which make yourself original and innovative to give people a new consumer experience.

That’s where technology comes into play. Technology helps to offer customers other services which become something essential, for example the possibility of safely recharge your own device.

Dudùu XL power station fits to every kind of style thanks to its minimal design that allows a perfect pairing and insertion in every context and it adds that special touch of originality and innovation.

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