Three myths to debunk about 5G

We always talk about the arrival of 5G, but the doubts are still a lot: let’s debunk some of them!

5G data transmission should be faster than that of the 4G, but despite all its arrival is wakes  a lot of doubts yet and heated debates..

So, let’s debunk some myths about  5G network!

The first fear is  about the risk that  5G should increase tumors among people because the operating frequences are higher than those used by 4G and we will be more exposed to electromagnetic waves. World Helth Organization has debunked this myth declaring that through a number of experiments  it hasn’t been detected a real risk linked to this new technology.

It isn’t true also that we will be more exposed to electromagnetic waves with irreversible damage to the immune system. In fact, it seems that the values reported so far are not different from those recorded with the networks used up to now.

The biggest concern, which then resulted in real post lockdown manifestations caused by the spread of the Covid 19, is that 5G could completely damage our privacy, a point that has warmed souls around the world and on which we are still trying to clarify real risks and conspiracy fantasies.

What is true is that the crisis implemented by the arrival of the Coronavirus has led us to question everything we firmly believed in until a few months ago, but without a doubt we must not let our guard down on the danger of a virus that has brought the whole world to its knees and therefore still forces us to pay more and more attention to hygiene, even that of smartphones, on whose surfaces the “dangers” of 5G do not lurk, but bacteria and germs which at this moment are much more dangerous and can be completely eliminated by the UV rays and ozone present in the Dudùu Pod, a small pocket accessory in which to insert our device to find it completely sterilized and charged.


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