The recipe for a perfect night of relaxation: 5MT RGB LED lights + Sound Up & Tree!

Summer has arrived and you are looking forward to your well-deserved vacation. You know, in the heat it is much more difficult to concentrate and give your best in the last days of work before the expected holidays. Yes, you really need a relaxing night.

You are alone at home, you need to disconnect from work calls and emails, from 1000 messages from as many groups on WhatsApp and you really need to carve out some time for yourself.

What if we told you that we have the solution to allow you to create the right atmosphere to unplug? The music you love, noise isolation, a unique ambient and digital detox!

Turn off the lights and give the colour you prefer to your environment with the led strips. Perfect lighting, low power consumptions and design to complete any decor with style. The Led Strips adapt perfectly to any system and are always able to enhance any environment in a sensational way. They are adaptable for customized solutions. In fact, each strip is designed to be cut in total safety along the cutting marks, so as to adapt it to any space.

Put your Bluetooth headphones on and synchronize the Led strips with the music. Any noise disappears, and you can let yourself go to the flow of your emotions in a liberating movement.

Suddenly, all thoughts go away. You really start to relax thanks to the lights that colour according to the rhythm you have chosen. You will not feel like you are wearing devices, as our Sound Up & Tree headphones are almost imperceptible to wear, thanks to a lightweight design and super soft ear pads that provide stability and comfort. In addition, thanks to the ANC technology that favours active noise cancellation, you can immerse yourself perfectly in your favourite music, eliminating any external distraction.

Forget your smartphone for a few hours and place it on the multifunction stand, which will recharge your devices wirelessly and your wired headphones, as well as an excellent desk support for your Sound Up headphones.

Easier than that?!

Discover 5MT RGB LED lights and Sound Up & Tree headphones on our shop and give new music to your life!


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