Who has never spent the whole day away from home, between photos with friends, phone calls, navigator, Instagram posts, the phone battery runs out without being able to charge it? Do you want to know the solution? Dudùu S!


  • What is Dudùu S?

  • The strenghts of Dudùu S

  • Wireless charging QI
  • Charging smartphone and more
  • Praticality / Stand mode
  • Reliability / Safety
  • Unique


Dudùu is a line of energy products that combines functionality, sustainability, reliability and aesthetics. There are certainly many different types of power banks but Dudùu S is light, affordable, portable and chic. Dudùu S is a fundamental accessory if you do not have your USB power supply and a power socket.


Dudùu S offers an excellent and convenient alternative to looking for a socket to which to attach a charger, on the other hand we are not always in the situation where it is possible to find one. In addition to being able to charge your smartphone when you are out and about (and not only), there are many advantages to choosing Dudùu S.

Wireless charging QI

Forgot the USB cable to charge your phone? No problem. Dudùu S uses the Magsafe 15W system: the magnet will go alongside your smartphone, Apple or Android, and you can directly use the portable device.

Charging smartphone e more

It is customary to think only of the usefulness of the powerbank to recharge the phone, but in reality Dudùu S can recharge many accessories thanks to the presence of the USB and Type-C output. You can then save your work out and recharge your dead bluethooth headphones in time!


You can carry Dudùu S wherever you want: in your handbag, in your pocket, on your mountain excursion or on the long-awaited road trip. It weighs only 180g and its compact shape makes it adaptable to even the smallest of spaces.

Stand mode

Have you arrived at the very last episode of your favorite series but your battery runs out? Dudùu S turns into a stand by hooking the device to the powerbank thanks to the support on the back designed to free the hands. You can therefore not waste even a minute of your vision by continuing to comfortably charge your smartphone.

Reliability and Safety

Despite its small size, Dudùu S has a power of 10,000 mAh with PD Fast Charging technology, meaning that you can quickly recharge your smartphone three times before having to recharge the powerbank. The interior is equipped with a Smart Chip that regulates the charge and avoids overheating giving the possibility to recharge quickly but always in safety. In addition, thanks to the charge indicator you can monitor the battery level at any time.


Are you thinking about what to give? Dudùu, in addition to its practicality, has a basic design that can be totally customized in the details, thus going to insert a name or a personal logo making the product unique. The external coating, available in black, green and gray, is made with a velvety material thus obtaining an extremely pleasant opaque effect both to the touch and to the eye.

Are you sure you still want to run out? Visit the store and discover the Dudùu world!


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