The perfect gift for power moms

Mum is the pillar of the family, the emblem of multitasking, always updated on the latest trends. Today’s smart mothers are always ready to look for the perfect recipe by consulting the smartphone that you may have given them as a gift!

Mother’s Day is approaching: undecided on what to give to yours?

We offer you an original idea that will leave her speechless: our Dudùu Pod, perfect for a smart mother, attentive to her health and that of the whole family!

Mothers, we know, never stop! They are always ready to hear all our requests, answering a simple call or a message on WhatsApp. But the smartphone battery has not infinite life and it can happen that, in the moment of greatest need, our mother will be unavailable.

And what to say, instead, of the poor hygiene of our devices that collect on their surface all the germs and bacteria that we collect around with our hands, especially for those who, like a mother, are always on the move?

Dudùu accessories think of all this! Our Dudùu Pod can represent the perfect solution to these inconveniences!

The Dudùu Pod is a beauty farm close at hand, not only for technological devices but also for the small objects that every mother always carries with her!

This device not only allows you to recharge your smartphone simply by placing it on its surface but, at the same time, thanks to the UV rays and the ozone diffuser inside, the device will be sterilized by eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.9%. But our Dudùu Pod is a treasure trove of wonders, because it also performs aromatherapy.

What are you waiting for? Buy this fantastic product on our shop!


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