The influencers of the tech world are talking about us!

Duduù Expo, for a digital-proof environment.

Our Duduù Expo has attracted the attention of many influencers in the tech world who, after testing it, gave us their feedback, through advice on how to use this device according to its characteristics.

Dudùu Expo is a multifunction device suitable for different types of companies (from the bar, to the dentist, to the nutritionist, to the gym and so on) that allows you to recharge, illuminate and promote your brand, thanks to the simultaneous presence of an exhibitor, a LED lamp and a multiple charging station, for fast and practical charging even without wires.

The main feature of our EXPO is its display function, ideal for completing any work station or promotion and marketing. At the same time, it is able to recharge mobile devices of any operating system making it functional and efficient for any workstation: desk, info point, reception, stand and adv desk.

Dudùu EXPO is also a multicolor lamp designed to focus the attention of customers, who will not only be able to recharge their devices, but have a direct focus on your promotion. The device is equipped with RGBW technology that offers high definition color solutions and a series of effects and plays of light that warm and enliven any environment.

But that’s not all: Dudùu EXPO can also be customized with your company logo or simply by applying the name of the professional who intends to promote his work on the device.

Influencers who talk about us

Tecnolaura reviewed our product focusing on the psychological dimension of “disconnection” in the digital age.

There are several new fears related to the digital world: FOMO, the fear of being cut off, nomophobia, the anxiety of not being online and traceable, 1% battery … what a nightmare!

But with Dudùu Expo you can finally say goodbye to the fear of being “disconnected”!

Dudùu EXPO, the multifunctional charging station that also becomes a luminous display, allows us to rethink the environments we live in (bars, clubs, offices …) with a view to support digitization, to respond to new needs that grow together with technological development .

How convenient would it be to find a charging station everywhere?

With this in mind, Duduu Expo represents a first and important step to recreate increasingly digital-proof environments.

It is, in fact, a promising idea for professionals, companies and brands who want to offer customers and leads a free recharge moment thanks to super customizable displays / workstations.

Very useful for making the environments we live and work in,and where we spend our free time in step with the times!

Vincenzo Aggricola enhanced the Dudùu Expo for its design and its accessories.

Last but not least, Andrea Galeazzi received the Duduù Expo personalized with his name; the gift was very welcome and considered very valid in enhancing the great brands that intend to promote their work. The influencer focused on the practical aspect of the device, a flyer cube for places where customers can recharge their smartphone.

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