The bathing establishment of the future? A mix of well-being, comfort and technology

Design is engaging and it always brings inside itself the desire for new projects. The field we are talking about? Tourism, or better, bathing.

What do we expect from the beach establishment of the future?

We are so used to the process of evolution, which is changing the world, that if we think of a wild beach without the right comforts, we are almost scared.

Customers are more and more attentive and, above all, exigent

The choice of the lido beach in which we will enjoy the long-awaited day of relax or vacation it’s not easy.

We like having all the comforts, we are demanding not because we are freakish but, because we like it that way and we are very careful about what you can offer us. Our tastes and desires are wide and the “beach bed with sea view” is simply not enough anymore.

Well, dear entrepreneurs, what are you going to do? Are you ready to open the doors and the mind to innovation and to design the bathhouse establishment of the future?

To make it easier, here you are some concepts you need to keep an eye on if you want to have an attractive lido, a beach your target costumers can not do without it.

The importance of being eco-sustainable

It may seem a cliché but being eco-sustainable today is something more. In fact, what people search today is respect for flora and fauna. You must pay more attention to this focus if you want to be attractive and aspire to enter the classification of the beach resorts of the future. A lido beach that doesn’t care about the context and environment it is located in, is not taken into account and it soon falls into oblivion.
The keystone lies in knowing how to combine design, comfort and love for the environment, for example by using environmentally friendly materials in furnishings and bringing customers into a new dimension of eco-chic relax, which harmonizes with the surrounding environment without creating damage and landscape scraps.
In this way, the ability to be sustainable becomes part of the offer.

Good food, good vibes

Another trend that makes the difference is the food offer. On a relaxing day at the sea, the chance to eat well and enjoy a good and healthy lunch is like a little dream coming true. Product quality, which promotes local gastronomy, balanced prices and some new dishes, can make the difference and push the customer to return. Don’t forget the areas dedicated to breakfast and aperitif, including several choices (vegan, healthy, homemade) for a wider and more satisfied customers.

In search of wellness

The search for relax is almost always based on another research, the search of well-being. You can make a really good choice if you consider opening an area dedicated to wellness in your own bathing establishment.
In addition to an offer of SPA treatments (such as massage areas and whirlpools dedicated to people relax), you can really make the difference including recreational and sports activities for adults and children (yoga sessions by the sea, canoeing and whale watching).

Connected and happy

The bathing establishment of the future, for sure, is going to be more digital and it’ll give its customers the opportunity to be connected and happy, with their mobile phones always charged and safe.
How many times have you been asked to be able to keep the phone in charge with the result of scattered wires everywhere and the worry of having to watch your customers device over?
So many, too many times. We have the solution to the 1% mobile battery: it’s an innovative power station that acts as a design object and it’s eco-friendly too: Dudùu XL.


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