At the beginning the school books taught us that the atom was the smallest structure of which the matter was composed. Slowly the research has brought out even smaller elements: protons, electrons and neutrons. Up to an even smaller scale: quarks and leptons.

But from the point of view of a human being these elements would be imperceptible to the naked eye; therefore, some men have tried to replicate in miniature of objects already existing but with certainly larger dimensions.
Let’s go and discover some of the smallest objects that man has managed to create.

Miniature Revolver C1ST.

The revolver in question is considered the smallest and most functional. It was designed by SwissMiniGun and given its limited production and much sought after among collectors. Its size is about 5cm long and shoots 2.34mm caliber bullets at an initial speed of 121 m/s.


It is a nanosculpture created by the artist and engineer Jonty Hurwitz that represents a female figure. Its dimensions are really small (80x100x20 micrometers). Very often it has been represented inside the eye of the needle. (Think that a hair has a thickness of about 100 micrometers!)

Dudùu XS.

The emergency powerbank pocket to always carry with you given its small size (only 10 cm!). Despite its minimum size it manages to provide the right energy to charge your devices quickly. Dudùu XS in addition to making a necessary contribution in case of low battery, is designed with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.

Peel P50.

The microcar is a three-wheeled single-seater manufactured by the Peel Engineering Company in the early 1960s. In 2010 it was made legal for use in the street thanks to improvements made to the mechanical components. The car is available both petrol and electric at and reaches about 45 km/h. It has only one door on the left and a central lighthouse.

OmniVision 6948.

The company OmniVision Technologies Inc has designed the world’s smallest camera. This image capture has a size of 0.65 x 0.65 x 1.158 mm with a resolution of 200×200 and pixels of about 1.75 micrometers in diameter. Its use has been frequent mainly in the medical field, as its size allows it to work in small places such as human veins and its minimal consumption of energy allows it to be used in long operations.

Don’t miss this chance! Buy Dudùu XS: the world’s smallest powerbank.


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