The white side: when technology looks at well-being

The discussion about link between well-being and technology is dragging since a long time.


Are we really aware of the influence and pressure we experience every day from the technology and the network around us? How much technology helps and facilitates us in our everyday life?


All these questions inevitably lead us to think bout the two sides of technology: the dark one that (however far-fetched) keeps us clear minded, burdened and bombarded with information and disinformation, and the bright one that leads us towards progress and innovation, and it makes us feel good because it is functional and useful to our needs.


This time we want to focus on the white side and the keystone that we want to use to understand it at best is knowledge.


Dividing into categories…

Did you know (precisely in relation to the white side) that technologies and technological tools can be divided into categories  based on the well-being standards they are able to give to our life?

Yes, that’s right. Strictly speaking, we have 3 categories:

  • Hedonic technologies, so called because they are able to make life more pleasant. This type of technology, in fact, is linked to the possibility of offering the user positive experiences (a striking example is virtual reality);
  • Eudaimonic technolgies., so called because they are able to excite and involve, going beyond the concept of pleasure. This category of technologies is able to expand the cognitive potential of the individual making it ready and aware (example of this are serious games);
  • social and interpersonal technologies able to expand and support the connection between people and the sense of belonging. Here we talk about strong technologies, which change the quality of life (easy to say: the social networks).

A real well-being thanks to the virtual

A field in which the white side of technology is evident is the one linked to well-being. We all aspire to a physical form that reflects our inner state and, after gym and diet, the apps became great allies: usable at all times, able to calculate paths, personalized days and weeks of training and wellness.

About involving and pleasant experiences

The most downloaded app today is SweatCoin, the app that pays you for walking. Just arrived, it is already something you must have. It’s simple and the interface is nice and intuitive. In fact, you just have to connect the app to the health folder and activate the GPS. For every 1000 steps you receive a sweatcoin (about 0.95 cents) that you can spend in virtual stores connected to the platform. A new concept to intrigue and encourage users to move more using the technique of challenge and reward (don’t forget that only the steps made outdoors are counted).

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