Technology in support of cultural heritage

There was a time in which we never imagined we could illustrate history and our past to posterity. A time when even the mere thought of protecting and preserving the cultural heritage of our world was an almost non-existent concept.
Today (and fortunately we add) we have the opportunity to enjoy our historical memory, to relive in addition (if we want) the moments without losing any passage.

How did we get there? Well, it’s useless to deny it, technology is (and has been) what really helped the human desire to talk about and hand down history.

Putting technology in support of cultural heritage was probably one of the most brilliant actions ever of the mankind.

We took, understood and evolved technology to the point of orienting it (as for many other disciplines) towards the rediscovery and preservation of a knowledge in danger of extinction, ready to get lost from one moment to another.

The winning combination

To save the cultural heritage, to make it accessible to the universe and preserve it. That’s what we can do by the tools the combination of science and art provided us.

With its current progress, the digital field could be the keystone to save the cultural patrimony.

It’s not a coincidence if the AI technologies have proved (and are still proving) to be able to go far beyond the facilitation of work, giving us in a scenario full of opportunities:

• Translation software for understanding ancient languages.
• Immersive art paths that change a simple visit to the museum or city streets into a real experience.
• Apps that guide you through the discovery of the history of monuments and places with an explication in your reference language.
• Remote sensing technologies such as radars, magnetometers and lidar cameras, which facilitate the discovery of monuments and historical artefacts you could not see cause they are hidden underground.

In a few words, Artificial Intelligence, and therefore pure technology, in support of cultural heritage.

There is a way to enjoy history and preserve knowledge

In these difficult years for our cultural heritage and in general for our history (not least the fire that literally devastated the Cathedral of Notre-Dame), we must be aware of the potential we have to preserve the knowledge and history that shaped our society by making it what it is today.


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