Surf Mat the must have for those who are always on the go and use many devices during the day.

Technology has made great strides and in our lives we have many electronic gadgets that improve it. Smartwatches that indicate how far we walk, bluetooth headsets with which we listen to our favorite music and of course the smartphone, more and more advanced, we also miss making coffee.

Only drawback? All these devices need energy to work and often a single charge is not enough for the whole day.

Sure you can solve it by taking the various magazines with you in your bag, but how many do you need?

Let’s see, surely the one for the smartphone and we are one. Then that of the headphones, and there are two and finally that of the apple watch and there are three!

Far too many.

What would you say instead of carrying only one device that charges all three devices at the same time? Surf Mat by Dudùu does just that, it’s a fast wireless charging mat for your smartphone, but with a surprise. It has two side “flaps” that open allow you to recharge even bluetooth headphones and your apple watch. Fantastic isn’t it?

You no longer have to carry tangled wires and chargers with you that you risk forgetting around, a single device that performs three functions, you put it in your bag and voila, charging problem solved.

You can use it in the office, on the road or if you are always on the go.



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