Stores and retail lighting spaces: the new trend is to create experiences

No more simple sales spaces but stores designed to give a new and meaningful customer experience. This is the new trend of retail designed to leave an indelible mark in the mind of the customer and to avoid the abyss of apocalypse retail.

People change and this change includes the sales store and their relationship with retail lighting too. The retail lighting seems to be the edge to get the user to rely to the real store instead of online one.

An attractive customer experience leads people to wonder: why am I sitting here? when can I enjoy my shopping experience?

This is where the concept of retail lighting for the design of spaces and the creation of emotional shopping experiences comes into play. Being able to use light in a dynamic and joint way in architectural spaces can give something more that allows you to touch different emotional steps, emotionally involving the buyer.

Lighting has not yet exhausted its potential and should not be considered as a foregone component, light is communication.

It is not only the positioning that plays an important role but also the temperature, the colour, the pointing and the source of the light can highlight the strengths and the designed customer experience that precedes the purchase.

Practical advices …

How can we embody and apply the principles of this new trend in the best way? first of all following small practical and basic advices:

– balance the outside and inside, the sales areas to be treated are not only internal, but also external as the windows. The buyers first impression of your store is the beginning of a customer experience;

– create a (non-invasive) space that focuses on brand;

– do not forget the fitting rooms, it’s the place where the buyer is face to face with the product in total intimacy and the choice of a correct position, temperature and colour can contribute to a positive purchase mechanics;

– Do not be superficial in  using lights, they help the buyer to follow the experiential path you have designed.


Dynamism becomes a key word in the relationship between retail space and retail lighting. Acting on colour, source and intensity also means playing on the dynamism of light in order to have an always different show that emphasizes and focuses on one of these elements. This is a basic principle to be respected in order not to bore and create the difference.

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