Sound Up, your favorite music like you’ve never heard it before!

Has it ever happened to you that while listening to your favorite song, external noises ruin the emotion of the moment? Or are you vacuuming while you are playing your favorite game in the next room?

The Sound Up headphones have ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) technology that uses a noise cancellation system that can reduce unwanted background noise.

Let’s see how it works briefly.

This technology listens to the noise through the microphones placed in the headphones and “cancels” them producing a sound opposite and opposite to that perceived. To explain it seems very complicated and in fact it is, you just have to rely on the final result which translates into listening without disturbance.

ACN technology is combined with passive noise cancellation which is that given by the pavilions of the Sound Up headphones optimized both for the comfort of the wearer and for a “physical” barrier to external noise.

In addition to clear and faithful listening, the Sound Up headphones offer you fast, strong and stable connectivity via Bluetooth 5.1. and a long listening session with a recharge and you can accompany them to the comfortable Dudùu Tree support.

Not only will you be able to conveniently place and recharge your headphones after use, but the stand is capable of fast wireless charging of your smartphone. A great convenience for your work or play station.

The headphones can be purchased on the Dudùu shop alone or with stand in special offer.

If you are looking for versatile headphones, with an excellent quality / price ratio, to keep on your desk with the stand that wirelessly charges your smartphone, then this product is absolutely not to be missed.



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