Smart glasses help to find your makeup palette

The coronavirus pandemic has seen makeup counters around the world temporarily close, but there are some tech solutions which can help if you need some advice or want to try a new shade of lipstick.

Colorful flowers are starting to blossom, inspiring our fashion and make up choices for new season. Experimenting this make-up colors is challenging at the moment with many beauty store counters closed.

But new apps are promoting perfect make up matches using AI and glasses you can use at home or even in the park.

We are talking about Zozo glasses, by Japanese online fashion retailer Zozo.

The design with these different colours watches around your eyes and when you use them with your smartphone app you can find the perfect foundation color for your skin-tone without leaving your home.

The first step is using your smartphone’s camera to look at all of the colors on the frames. As you look around the app sees how of each of this colour is affected by the environment. This environment lighting is calculated and then removed from the image revealing the true colour of your skin, hair and eyes.

Your face is shown split into different zones with the best foundation shades for each section. It also detects percentages of Hemoglobin and Melanin in your skin and your color that better will suits your skin-tone.

Masahiro Ito, Chief Operating Officer at Zozo, said that “We are will also be enabling hair make-up, but color corrected hair make-up, so that you put the glasses on for about three second and you can do make-up virtually, but that color correction really shows what you will really look like wearing that make-up, because is corrected.”

 The company has already released remote shopping products like the Zozo mat, which measures your feet, and the Zozo suit, which measures your body.

 The new platform will launch in Japan in march and the glasses will be shipped to customers for free.

Another beauty app that has been inspired by the lockdown will help you shop from home is CHANEL LIPSCANNER.

 We tried it outside on different flowers. You pick the exact area of colour you like and lip scanner recommends the closest shade of product to match. You can also see if it looks better as a gloss or as a mat.

If you decide you don’t like the color suggested, you can choose a different one and look how it appears on your lips. Chanel’s app takes into account your skin-tone and lip shape by making recommendations. The perfect shape is then sent to your home. It is really impressive!

 Innovation can make it easier to find make up from your home and it is becoming more and more advanced!


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