RED – Meaning, symbolism and color properties

The red color is a symbol of blood and vital energy both mental and physical. The use of this color helps fight passive energy infusing an extraordinary force both psychic and motor. Coupled to the first Chackra, the Red color symbolizes extroversion and willpower. Affecting the heart rate and sangiugna pressure stimulates our body by accelerating the vital rhythms. Red is so synonymous with strong passion, full of personality and self-confidence. In addition, the Red color stimulates creativity and enhances the ability of self-preservation.

The personality according to the color Red

Those who prefer the Red color has a will to win and lust for power seats. It ‘a person with great energy who loves to act and always put himself in competition with others and, above all, to himself. It has a bold character and always want to strike the attention of others. The major defects of those who prefers the color red is the presumption, the irritability and restlessness.

Who shuns Red color is a person restless, often inacapace to face the difficulties that life presents. Almost always sheltered prefers fast-forward the other thus remaining behind the scenes without the desire to be a leader. Mostly stable in daily choices often tends to take roads already jokes and secure instead of groped the adventure taking other paths. He hates another’s expansiveness thus taking refuge in its perennial introversion.

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