Ready, steady, go! 4 things to absolutely pack in your suitcase.

Can you already feel the taste of the sea and the salt on your skin? Summer is coming and, after months of travel limits, you can finally start planning your holidays or a weekend at the beach!

Are you afraid of forgetting something? So here are the 4 things you absolutely have to pack in your suitcase!

1) The beauty essentials: toothbrush and toothpaste to always have a bright smile!

2) A swimsuit and a towel to immediately enjoy the beach and be kissed by the rays of the summer sun.

3) The smartphone can never be missing, of course! It is necessary not only to communicate, but also to find your way in a city of which you don’t know the streets, to search for restaurants, museums and attractions, to consult the city map, to translate a sentence into the language of the destination country!

4) Last but not least is an efficient and pocket-sized portable charger to always carry with you!

You know, on vacation you spend a lot of time outdoors, exploring new places, discovering customs and traditions, having an aperitif at sunset or a dinner by the sea. Our devices absolutely cannot leave us in the middle of our holiday, making us run the risk of not being able to capture unique moments and dream landscapes.

The ideal solution is definitely our wireless charging Surf-Mat. Small, handy and easy to use, you can always carry it with you, keeping it in your pocket or bag.

The new Dudùu portable charger is equipped with flaps that allow the charging of 3 devices at the same time with a considerable saving of space in the suitcase, no longer three different chargers, but only one, pocket-sized!

Ready to go? Discover Surf-Mat, the 3-in-1 wireless fast charging mat by Dudùu.


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