PURPLE – Meaning and properties of the color

In the light spectrum, the Purple color is placed at the antipodes of the Red and symbolizes the ability to identify with others. Coupled to the seventh Chakra Purple highlights and accentuates the individual’s emotional side making it, therefore, fragile and easily attacked. The Purple stimulates the desire to have a bond, both physical and emotional, very intense with your loved one. This color increases, moreover, the creative ability and imagination inhibiting, in contrast, the excess of rationality. The Purple has the ability to make the seductive person, but, in contrast, also very restless and impressionable.

The personality according to the color Purple

Those who love the color Purple is pervaded by a strong desire to be accepted and to please people around him. Usually denotes a predisposition to be apprehensive and embarrassed but also want to be understood and to be treated with gentle manners. Those who prefer the Viola is difficult to control his emotional level but can also shelve too much rationality. A lover of art in all its forms, worships the strong feelings that come from contact with the environment and people.

Who shuns the color Purple tends to be suspicious and overly critical of all. Ago of rationality and logic his weapon able to protect it from any kind of emotional state.

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