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Dudùu’s indoor cam rotates 360 degrees to give you a high definition overview, both day and night, of the room in which it was installed. It has two-way audio, meaning you can both remotely hear what’s going on in the room, and you can talk through the app by sending your voice live. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home apps. FHD 1080P

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Product Description

Work with Alexa.

The Dudùu smart WiFi indoor camera works perfectly with Alexa Echo Show. Just by saying “Alexa, show the baby’s room”, the scene will be displayed on the Echo Show. Whether you are cooking or reading you can always keep an eye on your baby.

Two-Way Audio.

Sensitive microphone built into the security camera that supports real-time communication between the application and the camera. You can listen and speak softly to your baby, your pets and the elderly thanks to the app.

Full HD 1080P night vision.

With a reliable light sensor, the WiFi camera automatically changes the filter and excels in capturing high quality color images in low light environments, which can provide clear vision even at night.

Optional motion detection zones.

Motion detection zone, sensitivity and time detected can be set. Thanks to this function, you will not be disturbed by unnecessary movements in the room and you will focus on the dynamics of your child or pet. The Dudùu home security camera will send you notifications when motion is detected. In addition, the camera can move 355 ° horizontally and 90 ° vertically.

Cloud service and Micro SD.

You can’t keep an eye on your pet/baby all the time while you cook/sleep/work/socialize, so you can use this financial grade confidential pet/baby camera for video recording. Running on 2.4G WIFI, you can choose SD card (up to 128G) that supports 24 hours recording or cloud storage that only records motion detection and download the videos/photos you need.

AES 256 bit encryption.

Deployed by Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most renowned cloud service providers, the archiving service delivers highly reliable and scalable data storage performance. All videos and images are protected with AES 256-bit symmetric key encryption.

Wi-Fi 2,4 GHz.

La telecamera Dudùu Wi-Fi supporta solo Wi-Fi da 2,4 GHz, non supporta Wi-Fi a 5 GHz. È possibile collegare facilmente la fotocamera all’app Wi-Fi e telefono seguendo le istruzioni dell’applicazione.

Condivisione multi-utente.

È possibile condividere la telecamera wireless Dudùu con i vostri amanti, genitori o bambini. Tutti i membri della famiglia possono sapere cosa succede a casa fin dalla prima volta. Fino a 20 persone possono guardare il video contemporaneamente.

Ampia compatibilità.

La telecamera di sicurezza Dudùu può supportare IOS, Android e Pad. Vorremmo sottolineare che la fotocamera non può funzionare con computer portatili e Mac.

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