Privacy, security and innovation: XL Keyless

Totally open systems equipped with connections able to combine the most varied devices and sensors, variables that we can no longer even calculate and a continuous digital transformation of what surrounds us.

In this particular context (from which we are almost swallowed) cyber risks increase as well as our need for protection and for privacy and security.

Talking about “cyber security” today does not mean looking at a specific aspect of the subject but, involving more and more areas and sectors in this domain.

The inability to react to these difficulties has meant that, over time, the objectives of those who tend to constantly attack security move until involving private citizens. An outstanding example of the cyber risks was the Cambridge Analytica case in which the violated accounts (about 500,000) and the processed data were not merely corporate but individual.

Prospects for 2019: the digital risks and more

In 2019, the role played by the AI, the IOT and, above all, the innovation capacity of the companies will be crucial for the need for privacy and security .
The world around us is increasingly connected and smart but, neither inviolable nor vulnerable. The risk of these objects being used as new access points for data breaches is obvious.

Possible escape: AI and IOT as a defence strategy

In fact, those who will face cyber security will have to deal more and more often with problems resulting from the use of AI and IOT. The crux of the matter is in knowing how to transform them form sources of problems to resolution key of these problems.

Dudùu, privacy and security

There is one thing that we certainly did when we designed our power stations: we combined design with technology, aiming for innovation and always looking beyond. For this reason, even a simple detail such as the lock of the support boxes for devices has become the object and the focus of innovation.

XL Keyless

The coded and customized electronic lock allows you to provide a recharge service that is easier for both user and you. All that is possible thanks to the keyless system and it ensures a safety guaranteed by the very high number of possible combinations.


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