Planning holidays? Here is the hi-tech to pack!

Pull the plug from everything and everyone, have fun and relax, keep out of the daily routine (real and virtual). More or less we all dream of vacation like this and many of us we are looking for it.
And yet, if we are objective, there are some devices that you really can’t do without, even on vacation.

Into the wild! It depends …

If your countdown has already started it means that you are packing.

In short, you are in chaos.

Nowadays leaving does not only mean taking into account the outfit to wear and all the usual necessary things to carry with us, it means, above all, to pack hi-tech.

Yes, despite the desire to leave our usual routine for a while, we just can’t break away from technology and so what do we do? We carry it with us, always and everywhere.

However, in order to avoid exaggerations, we can give ourselves a range of action and choose the necessary to avoid falling into the classic mistake of hyper connected tech addicted.

For smart and comfortable journeys

Here is a list of what should be the hi-tech items to pack, without overdoing things.


Smartphone is unfailing and impossible to forget. It’s our guide to any travel and information provider for any inconvenience. Don’t use it only for a compulsive sharing of photos on social networks, otherwise you will never get away from the usual routine because you are too busy looking after the right filter to be adopted.

Speaker and headphones

Listening to music on holiday is therapeutic, it relaxes us and helps us move, feeling even less fatigue (thanks to them time goes faster, who don’t have this impression?). They are small and practical, so ideal as a hi-tech to pack.

E-book reader

Yes, it’s true, the fascination of paper has no comparisons, but do you want to lose possibility of having all the books of the world with you in a small place of your suitcase?
Whether under the sun umbrella in the warmth of the sun and with the sound of the sea or on the road, during the journey, the e-book reader is a faithful companion you can not miss.

Action cam and Smartphone lenses

If you are just passionate, but not professionals and you like taking pictures and having memories to keep with you, then action cams and Smartphone lenses are really good for you.
The latest Smartphone models take very high quality photos, so using the action cam or Smartphone lens is an excellent alternative.


Last and not least, the power bank. An almost inexhaustible source of energy to have always available in the suitcase or bag. The wonderful invention that allows us to have energy always ready to recharge devices.


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