As usual, even for this summer 2018, Pantone gives us its verdict and suggest not only one or two colors, but an interesting palette made of 12 colors with shades that go from warmer and gentler hues to more extravagant and louder ones.

Pantone’s message is like a warning (according to many, a sort of non-written law), which arrives on time and leads the aficionados, influencing with its proposal multiple industries such as design, food, fashion and why not, communication which is being influenced especially in the campaigns and in the act of setting of  brands’ mood, which are often inspired by Casa Pantone.

We can’t help but dive in this Pantone summer 2018 and be inspired in the creative process of light shows and the right atmosphere trying to pay homage to the palette because, whether you want to admit it or not, in Pantone #wetrust.


Ultraviolet PANTONE18-3838

Not only the strong and original color of this summer, but it has been picked by Pantone as the color of the year. A shout that makes sure its voice is being heard and stands out among more common shades.

Meadowlark PANTONE 13-0646

Perky and bold, even in its dark undertone, like the yellow-chested bird this color gets its name from.

Cherry Tomato PANTONE 17-1563

Lips like red roses? Negative, red tomato it’s where it’s at! Cherry tomatoes to be exact, the kind that looks tasty, vibrant and brilliant. This is Pantone’s pick for the shade of red that reminds the awakening of spring, the nature quitting its dull colors.

Little Boy Blue PANTONE 16-4132

Unexpected and elegant. One of the cooler tones chosen by Pantone and inspired by boys; it has a clear nuance that tones down the palette with a softer touch.

Chili Oil PANTONE 18-1440

Strong and intense just like a chili pepper, this color  won’t disappoint. It’s a shade that is rarely missing from all of Pantone’s palettes, this time in its reddish nuance.

Pink Lavender PANTONE 14-3207

Chic and dainty, like fresh blossomed lavender. Pantone creates a mixture of pink with violet which results as a perfectly romantic pale hue.

Blooming Dahlia PANTONE 1515-20

Fresh and loud with a vintage taste. The fact that Pantone draws its inspiration from flowers it’s not a secret. After the lavender shade, here’s the dahlia one, shaped in a solid and thick way. That’s how this nuance is born.

Arcadia PANTONE 16-5533

A breath of fresh air with bright and sharp hues. Here’s the perfect description for this shade picked by Pantone as the green of this summer.

Emperador PANTONE 18-1028

Rich with a strong character. It has been chosen by Pantone for its beauty and also to pay homage to the infamous brandy.

Almost Mauve PANTONE 12-2108

Ethereal and nostalgic. Pantone rides mauve’s wave in its softest shade blinking its eye to a timeless, refined elegance.

Spring Crocus PANTONE 17-3020

Daring and expressive, it fits perfectly in the spring/summer palette. Pantone has been inspired by flowers again, in this case by the crocus and its purplish hues.

Lime Punch PANTONE 13-0550

Powerful and sparkling. A sour hue like lime’s is one of the strong and eccentric touches of this palette suggested by Pantone.

“Unusual hues give birth to complex and original combinations that communicate consumers’ desire to play with colors with no restrictions. The history of colors for this spring/summer 2018 perfectly reflects this trend.”

Lee Eisenman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute.

Is that actually how it’s going to be? To be completely honest, as trends and experiments lovers, we really hope so.

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