Origin of black Friday and all the Dudùu surprises

Here we are again at the most discounted moment of the year: Black Friday!

Everyone is talking about it now, from TV to the web, in a few days there will be Black Friday, a tradition imported from America that has now become, for some years now, a welcome fixed appointment also in Italy.

The first “Black Friday” was born in America during the early 1920s when a large chain of stores, Macy’s, organized a large parade in New York, after Thanksgiving, for the beginning of the Christmas period and therefore the buying gifts.

Later, to encourage Christmas shopping, merchants got into the habit of offering special discounts on that day and the habit has consolidated from year to year. So much so that today in addition to Black Friday we also have Cyber ??Monday, the following Monday which is dedicated to technological products.


But why is it called “Black Friday”? The literal translation into Italian has a superstitious connotation, which is why we use the English term, in reality it is so because at the time the accounting records of the shopkeepers were filled in with pen, using red ink for loss-making accounts and black for positive accounts. . And on the Friday after Thanksgiving, thanks to promotions, the accounts always ended up decidedly in the black.

From here, all over the world, commercial activities offer their products on sale on the last Friday of the month and Dudùu could not miss this appointment.

All products in the Dudùu shop, purchased from the site or from the app, will be discounted up to 50%!

But the surprises do not end there, in fact, in addition to the discount we give you free shipping.

You just have to take advantage of these special days to take home the POD, Spider cup, Surf Mat or Sound Up and Tree at an unprecedented price and why not, surprise the person you love, with a very special gift thanks to customization that offer you Dudùu products.



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