ORANGE – The meaning and the color properties

The orange color is a symbol of inner harmony, artistic and sexual creativity, confidence in themselves and in others. In the light spectrum it is between Red color and the color yellow and èabbinato the second Chakra. The Orange also symbolizes understanding, wisdom, balance and ambition. This color, often associated with the health of our body, acts on our vitality and of all that concerns the absorption of what you eat. The color Orange also free from depressive symptoms by increasing the ability to respond to adversity in life abruptly and effectively. Symbol of fertility excellence, the color Orange stimulates the blood circulation and vitality to the sexual organs, both male and female, promoting fertility.

The personality according to the color Orange

People who prefer the Orange manifest a clear vitality and energy: the preference for this color then, makes these people capable of businesses out of the ordinary; companies, however, always serene and weighted. Those who love the Orange is also a person tends optimistic and aware of their putting skills in himself, without any presumption, an unbounded trust. He loves with joy and transport and generally is in perfect harmony with everything that surrounds it.

Those who refuse the Orange aims to control their emotions constantly. Often find it difficult to relate with others and, if there was a problem, it led to ingigantirlo believing that he was not able to solve it. Those who shy away from color Orange does not usually ponder the decisions and acts impulsively, this way of dealing with situations, which at first may seem effective to achieve great things, is blocked by the tendency to pessimism inherent to those who do not like this color . Find great difficulty also is in the sexual sphere than sentimental never abandoning entirely with confidence, but delegating to reason any kind of move.


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