Oppo presents X 2021, a rotable and expandable mobile
After foldable and dual-screen phone-tablets, Oppo has now unveiled a concept smartphone with a rollable display that broadens and narrows the screen to give two form factors in one device.

Oppo, the famous Chinese mobile brand, has presented its conceptual mobile X 2021, a variant in which we have a terminal that can go from one screen size to another, but without having to open or close, but rather expanding and contracting.


Everything revolves around its “continuously variable OLED screen”: With a simple touch of a button, the phone can transform between a normal size of 6.7 inches and a size similar to that of a 7.4 inches tablet, expanding or contracting without the need to implement hinges in its design, but by rolling or unrolling the screen.

There’s no details yet about specs, a release date or how much this rollable OLED device would cost.

But given other smartphones with cutting-edge OLED screens, it’s not likely to be cheap. LG’s rollable OLED TV just went on sale in South Korea for $87,000.

While waiting for Oppo to launch this fantastic smartphone on the market, Dudùu helps you not to be unprepared and to always stay connected!

The Dudùu Pod, for example, allows you to recharge your smartphone simply by placing it on its surface and at the same time, thanks to the UV rays and the ozone diffuser placed inside it, the device will be sterilized, eliminating germs and bacteria up to 99.9%. But Dudùu Pod’s news doesn’t end up here … Dudùu Pod is a handy beauty farm, because it also carries out aromatherapy.

For those who love something even simpler and more pocket-sized, Dudùu has designed the XS reusable pocket, a concentrate of energy ready to use to recharge your device wherever you are!


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