New perceptions: here you are the 2019 Hospitality trends

Before: a simple room or rather a “place to sleep”. Today? An experience that must satisfy me and from which I expect more and more.

The traveller perception changes, the need of “experience” grows and so the place where one has stayed becomes an integral part of the journey. Emotions and memories that the place we stayed in leaves us are important and become a piece of the experience wealth.

2019 Hospitality trends

So the international tourism changes and the Hospitality field as well. Keeping an eye on trends and the latest news becomes fundamental.

2019 Hospitality trends look at sustainability

For many people it’s a strategy, for others (the winners) a philosophy and a principle to follow: sustainability. The theme is always central and travellers love structures that care about the environment. In fact, hospitality that respects sustainable criteria is more attractive, add to that the economic benefits (which you do not expect) in the medium to long term.

2019 Hospitality trends rely on design

A new design concept, which is synonymous with comfort, represents the traits of your brand and enhances the concept you have chosen for your structure. Furnishing, as well as maintenance and housekeeping, must go hand in hand to reach an optimal result.
In terms of design, in 2019 we have something special: the use of more materials, often recycled, for the production of unique pieces that characterize the spaces. Rooms evolve to offer experiences and acquire their own personality. Then, the perception of using colour to create the right atmosphere and, above all, the right experience is something new and more lively.

2019 Hospitality trends look at tech

Managing the new technologies in an appropriate manner and optimizing their advantages is a problem (or maybe not). Beyond the possibility of making yourself recognizable (and therefore having a brand image that manages to show the right message) and in addition to offering a flash service (fast and simplified as self-check-in) for the user, the keyword this year is probably hybridization. The setting that hosts the traveller must be integrated with technology to provide an increasingly complete and innovative service.

2019 Hospitality trends are “experience”

Small gestures, attention, comfort that makes you feel at home or an in absolute new situation. All these things give the traveller the “wow experience” that will make him a fan and an ambassador of the structure.

Finally … watch out for the Millennials

Millennials are definitely the range of potential customers to focus on. Born between the magnificent 1980s and 2000, they are compulsive users of technology, lovers of sustainability, curious explorers and admirers of comfort and good food. They are the perfect audience to be inspired to improve structure and modus operandi because (if you want to say it in jargon) they are inhabitants of the middle ground, neither too old nor too young, in step with the trends without forgetting the past.


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