News: furnishing trends autumn/winter 2018/2019

Styles, colours and above all the beauty of furnishing your living area with an eye on fashion and design that fit your liking.


The autumn-winter 2018/2019 furnishing trends are surprising because they manage to combine aesthetics and functionality in minimal and particular styles that focus on comfort and space habitability.


From the sleeping to the living area, everything is designed according to the well-being of the people, living at best, without exceeding. The rooms are warm, essential and harmonious even in the games of colours and the alternation of styles such as industrial, vintage or Nordic minimal one with a bit of shabby  style (on the condition that it is not too much corny).

Living area spaces

The trends for the autumn/winter furnishing of the living area are different  for styles, materials, colours.

The kitchen is designed in an industrial style, the touch that enriches this room is vintage style. The most popular colours are gray, green (the environments reflect the colours of nature) and white. If you really want to dare, you can vary the shades between dark gray and black or you can use earth colours with characteristic bricks applied on the walls. Wood or wrought iron objects are perfect, copper chairs and velvet armchairs in pure vintage style. Do not underestimate the blue and the recalls to technology

Sleeping area spaces

The trends for autumn/winter furnishing of the sleeping area are minimal and informal.

The bedroom is designed with simplicity and brightness with pastel hues and tones, preferring the original ceiling and the wooden false ceiling (possibly dark to give a greater idea of depth). Even in these details the favourite colours are blue, white, gray and green for a perfect recall to nature.

For your furnishings choose armchairs, rugs, wall shelves and (above all) functional and original but not tacky household items.

The bathroom

Bathroom trends for autumn/winter furnishings are metals and golden details.

Furnishing accessories, such as taps, mirrors and lamps are golden, the floor is inspired to the shiny 50s tiles with optical fantasy in black and white contrast. The colours of the walls are always inspired to the shades of nature such as sanitary ware that are not necessarily white.

Don’t make a mistake

Remember to focus on materials such as wrought iron, wood (even raw), bricks and decorated printed glass.

Look for furnishing  multi-functionality , better if space-saving, with a practical design and original style.

Play with the floor and mix the cement tiles with the wood, choose the colours contrast like white and blue, green and gray, wood and blue.

Use furnishing accessories that make the room warm and comfortable, say yes to the large and comfortable sofas, yes to the super-upholstered armchairs and the rough wood shelves in particular shapes.

Choose a strong style that represents you.

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