Mood is the new Dudùu product that brings together a power bank, a bluetooth speaker and a LED lamp.
This wonderful luminaire with compact and elegant lines will be able to give a new atmosphere to any room in the house.

In the evening you can place it on your bedside table to quickly wirelessly recharge your smartphone, while with the Led light, adjustable with a touch, rediscover the pleasure of reading your favorite book, perhaps with the appropriate background music. If, on the other hand, you prefer to watch a movie or the series of the moment, no problem, the 270 degree rotating light arm becomes a great support for the phone and the bluetooth speaker will give you the impression of really being in the cinema, but with more Relax!

Perfect for a romantic evening in “candlelight”, thanks to the built-in power bank, you can place it wherever you like, for example on the table set for two. The lighting effect and the background music will guarantee the full success of the dinner!

Mood will be perfect in the kitchen, to comfortably follow the steps of your favorite recipe, the swivel support will give the smartphone the right angle and Mood will move it wherever you want, without having to look for a socket next to the stove. Mood follows you where it suits you most.

Mood has the right dimensions to be powerful, but not bulky, its design will blend with any room in the house, available in two colors: white and oak effect. If you then buy two Mood devices they will “recognize” each other through the 3D Surround Technology and you can connect them in order to have a beautiful Surround effect. A stereo effect to enjoy clean and powerful sound.


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