Microsoft patents the spy in your computer that knows when you’re bored
The system can detect if employees are switching off from their voice, body language and facial expressions.

US technology giant Microsoft has patented a tech system that scores video chat participants’ body language and facial expressions during calls.

Microsoft’s ‘Meeting Insight Computing System’ could be integrated into future Microsoft products, such as tablets.

The system would use a combination of cameras, sensors, and software and even thermostats around the walls for both virtual and in-person meetings.

This “spy” would monitor factors such as body language and facial expressions, detecting signs of decreased productivity such as tiredness and boredom, as well as number of people in a meeting and even environmental conditions such as light and temperature. The aim is to maximize a business’s productivity!

What about privacy? Many criticisms have arisen against this system, which would undermine the privacy of the individuals and could dangerously lead to greater levels of surveillance of employees in the workplace and, more worryingly, in their homes, considering that many people are working from home.

‘Many organisations are plagued by overly long, poorly attended, and recurring meetings that could be modified and/or avoided if more information regarding meeting quality was available”, Microsoft said in its defence.

What do you think about it? Is this an invasion of privacy or an effective way to improve business productivity?


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