Michael Tojner: the businessman who became a billionaire thanks to the batteries of your AirPods

Have you ever imagined that a tiny device, the size of a coin, could bring in a fortune of about 4.1 billion dollars to a single person?

This is the story of Michael Tojner, who became a billionaire thanks to the batteries of your Apple AirPods.

The device, which measures only about half an inch, packs a hundred times more energy than a domestic battery of ten times its volume; it can fully recharge in just 15 minutes and can last five hours on a single charge.

Thanks to this tiny device, the Austrian Michael Tojner has become a billionaire, simply “entering” into the ears of each of us.
With microbatteries, we have become the market leader in a segment that is probably growing at 50% to 60% annually,” said Tojner about Varta, the company he bought, with which he produced these batteries. “In ten years, no one will have a phone without an acoustic devide. There is enormous growth potential“.

No one could have imagined that microbatteries could become a billion dollar business.

Michael Tojner looks confident that his technology will keep Varta industry leader. “Our quality is better, so that’s why we ask so much. With Apple and Samsung, these [headphones] cost a lot of money. The battery, the most important component, costs maybe € 5, but everyone goes crazy if it doesn’t work after eight months.

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