Metamorphosis: Google and Material Design

Google Chrome completes its metamorphosis that, started few time ago, from the 4th September (date of Chrome 69 releasing) is available to users on all the platforms with its new look.


By this restyling the huge Mountain View company sought the Material Design philosophy by creating a new, innovative and functional users interface.

At the beginning

The project between Google and Material Design was presented on June 2014 when Google brought up a new development code with Android 5.0 and Lollipop. A new concept of visual language, a material one of course, that involved a change in the whole graphics of Google which adopted this approach for all its products.


Making material the graphic elements, by giving them a space we can define a 3D space, strong or slight colours, shadows and lights was a winning move. It is important not to forget the dynamicity of the geometric shapes and the sensibility of the animations of the Material Design to the user gestures.


Material Design approach has been so engaging that it has convinced other companies to design apps and interfaces by using this new language. Material Design, compared to flat one, is more versatile, modern and user-friendly.

Google today

Upgrade vision in Material Design has to be manually activated and changes are clearly noticeable.


Generally the selected keyword for the interface colour is white, the selected font is slimmer and the boxes corner are no more angular but rounded. It is funny to notice that the opened pages on Chrome are horizontally visualized as it happens in Android 9 Pie for the background opened apps.

In details

Google on desktop

For the desktop version bright themes were selected, the prevailing colours are white and light grey. The avatar icons on the side of the toolbar are new.


Google for Windows

In Windows 10 there are other funny news integrated to the operative system such as the browser notifications in the notifications centre and the improvement of the automatic filling.

Do you want to switch to Material Design?

Activating the new mode is simple; follow the steps below:

  • for desktop Chrome you just need to join this link: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md, go to section “UI Layout for the browser’s top chrome”, select the option “Refresh” and restart.
  • For Chrome iOS join the link chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md, enable “UI Refresh Phase 1” and restart Chrome.
  • For Chrome Android join the link chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-modern-design, select “Enabled” and restart Chrome.

Looking beyond and taking the best to build a user-oriented design is the best way to follow. Google knows it well and it always amazes us with small details, we just have to verify the system settlement and wait for news!

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