“Our operators are around all day and need their smartphones to communicate with the company and customers, how can we guarantee them emergency charging wherever they are?”

This was the need that brought MD Disinfestation closer to our reality. Dudùu soon solved this problem with the supply and customization of XS, the mini powerbank that allows you to charge any smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

MD Disinfestation immediately appreciated the product, both for efficiency and for the materials that make it up. XS, in fact, is made of natural Straw plastic, a biodegradable material. The pocket format has also been perfect for the needs of an environmental operator, as it fits perfectly in any pocket, at your fingertips.

Today MD Pest Control employees can count on an emergency recharge for their smartphone. Ultra light, safe and branded, perfect for a company that lives in the summer season a peak of interventions, to cope with heavy pest infestations.

MD Disinfestations has been operating in the field of disinfestation in Naples since 1986. It is specialized in the services of disinfestation, derattizzazione and sanitization. Today it is a reference point throughout the country for anyone who wants to protect their environment, home or work, from any form of pest.

A company that has always focused on the training of its employees and technological innovation. For more information, to discover all the types of services provided, or have a free inspection, you can visit the new company website: www.disinfestazionenapoli.it

A portal full of information and useful advice, perfect for those who want to protect their environment, personal and business assets. Insects and mice, in fact, in addition to being carriers of various pathologies, can cause serious damage to objects and property. Prevention, together with a professional strategy of disinfection, will help you avoid such a danger. The Disinfestation in Naples is MD Disinfestation.

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