Lighting area is constantly changing. Due either to development of technologies, or to the desire of making a simple item, like a LED light bulb, a proper piece of design and fully exploit the aesthetic beauty and the functionality.

In this regard, here they are the trends that, in our opinion, you should keep an eye on to not lose anything of the combination of design, led and technology.

What are the focus keywords in this case? Functionality, smart system, connection and human centric lighting. Why?

Functionality because now LEDs are a real convenience for saving, longevity and price, so the development will pass also through functions made by these systems which are going to become more complex, thanks to smart (for connection and regulation), and in some ways digital, sensors.

Smart system because, you know, innovation sometimes is not in the overturning everything around us, but in the implementation of it. That’s why one of the tendencies that take hold in this sector is the smart systems integration in equipment with a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth based control. Self-learning algorithms are the final vision, in order to simplify more and more our daily life and, why not, give a feeling of greater safety to the final user.

Connection because, to this day, a vision – which seemed utopian – takes shape: the Li-Fi protocols one, i.e. the Internet and web diffusion through the optical correspondent of the Wi-Fi or, more easily, the light. An extra kick for networking, which will help people connect on Web bypassing the current Wi-Fi systems’ gaps. Is this science fiction or imagination? We do not believe so.

Human Centric Lighting not because we are vain, or because we like to be at the heart of everything, but simply because we need it and lighting designers know it well. Enough to totally modify the perspectives and to aim – thanks to the construction of real Human Centric Lighting systems – to design space and light, which are going to fill them, starting from the human being. Or rather, from the light need perceived by the man, both in the working and public places and last but not least, private places.

We keep following with interest the evolution of the scenery. Even if, actually, we have already been focusing on these tendencies’ keywords for a while.

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