Koda launches the robot dog that recognizes your emotions

So you want a dog, but don’t fancy rainy walks or picking up poop? Well, this robot might be the perfect pet for you.

Robot dogs have been around for quite some time, and while there is no substitute for a real best friend, this latest creation was specifically designed to understand human emotions.

Koda, the company that created the dog, has added an artificial intelligence system that helps the robot tell if its owner is happy, sad or excited. At the same time, the dog is able to learn to recognize the emotions of humans.

In addition to behaving like a 4-legged friend, the robot can perform important tasks, including working as a guide dog for the blind or visually impaired.

It can also learn to be a watchdog, but the manufacturer has stated that the robot cannot be aggressive towards humans and each unit will develop its own unique set of skills depending on “experience”.

But the functionality of this robot does not end up there: the dog can also help children with their homework! All this being able to protect your data from cyber attacks.

The dog was unveiled at the CES 2021 global tech event and Emma Russell from Koda said the dog is “a functional piece of home tech, a family pet, and a work of art,” adding that it “evolves from a real puppy to a robotic dog with the intelligence of a supercomputer “.

The robot dog is a hyper-technological invention and is able to move like a real dog.

The robot is equipped with multiple sensors, 3D cameras in the front, rear and sides, and a series of microphones that can recognize the owner’s voice.

It even has a high-resolution camera, so you can see life through the eyes of a quadruped!

This type of technology isn’t cheap at all, and this robot dog is available starting at £ 32,746 ($ 45,000).

Would you ever buy it and maybe call it Dudùu?


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