Interesting initiatives: Amazon, Chrome and Ecosia for the Amazon

We all know it well, the climate change is destroying our planet. The fire of the Amazon, that looks endless, is one of the most persistent effect of this change. The forest burns and we (apparently) started to mobilize on social media.

We are indignant, we are angry but, as usual, we probably aren’t really concrete.

In the meantime, even the big companies of our millennium (each in its own way) have begun, rather than mobilizing, to implement several awareness-raising campaigns concerning this problem. So, here are the initiatives we liked the most. And now, we show you the ones which had some success in the huge web world.

How to make a homonymy fun (and useful): Amazon and Chrome

Once this homonymy led to a dispute, now the homonymy could help the greater good (if we want it). Thus, it was born “Amazon is Burning”, the extension of Chrome that literally burns the home of e-commerce in order to raise funds for the Amazon.

How does it work? The extension allows the user to make donations to the Rainforest Trust (a non-profit organization) that has always worked and fought to protect the environment and biodiversity.

A strong memorandum which, despite the continuous distractions, reminds us that we can no longer exempt ourselves from our responsibilities towards the environment and our planet.

The click that protects the environment: Ecosia

Ecosia is an initiative born in Germany in 2009 and it was carried out successfully. Thanks to this search engine more than 65 million trees have been planted.

Yes, if you use a search engine you not only go for knowledge, but you can help the environment too.

Using Ecosia as a browser gives the user the opportunity to contribute to the reforestation of the planet. After the recent breaking news about the Amazonia affair, it is no wonder if Ecosia downloads have gone from a daily average of 20,000 to 250 thousand, in the only 24 hours on Wednesday 22nd of August.

The conscience of the virtual world takes shape and it plants the seed of the ethical responsibility: something everyone is talking about but, few people really do.

According to the statistical reports presented by Ecosia, the user only needs 45 searches to allow the planting of a tree. The tree is not only planted but, fed and protected by the Ecosia safeguard program which employees Chief tree-planting officers who visit the sites and monitor the status of the planted vegetation via satellite images.

However, the situation is not looking good. It’s time to contribute actively and, above all, concretely because the truth is that we have no more excuses.


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