The New Year has brought with it a lot of novelty, from all points of view. Changes in the economic field could not be missing. The latter often present themselves as a great enemy that no one would ever want to knock on the door: the increase in the cost of energy.

The increase in costs and therefore the much feared bills, makes us think more and more about how much and which are the appliances that consume the most energy. A solution to reduce costs can be to switch to a higher energy class. Surely it is not avoiding to buy appliances that you can solve the situation, especially now that the trends of the moment want a tech house, with devices that come in useful in every circumstance.

On occasion we can then talk about Domotica. For those who do not even know the existence of the term, home automation is the discipline that deals with the study of technologies aimed at improving the quality of life in the home. The domotic system allows to manage in a coordinated way all the devices, making them interact. We will thus optimize consumption and increase safety and energy savings.

Dudùu, always in step with the times, has developed a SMART HOME collection based on home automation and therefore on the intelligent interaction of the devices present in the house. The requirements to optimize your home through the use of the products of the collection are the presence of an Internet connection and a smartphone.

This is the case of the Dudùu Smart Bulb, which can be activated via the Dudùu or Tuya App with just one click. The energy efficiency class A+ gives security on energy saving, the ability to customize according to your taste the color of the light bulb makes sure that you create a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

Domotica and safety travel on the same wavelength with the Dudùu Cam Camera that monitors the indoor environment day and night giving the opportunity to view via smartphone and interact with the environment thanks to two-way audio.

Do you think that the television always connected to the outlet is the main architect of the increase in consumption? Dudùu Smart Socket is the right choice: it has a control of energy consumption and remote control from the app allows you to turn on and off connected devices and set timers according to your daily needs. Although the use of devices is constantly increasing, it is our choice of their correct use.

Expensive bill? Keep calm, Domotica takes care of it!

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