How to choose the power bank that best suits your needs

Smartphones and tablets are our daily bread. We always use them, for pleasure or work. For this reason, we often run into the nightmare of a low battery that places us in front of the need for frequent recharging.

Always carrying an energy reserve has therefore become a need for most of us.

A concrete and handy solution to stay connected is the purchase of a power bank, real portable batteries that allow you to recharge devices such as smartphones and tablets in any place and in any circumstance. They can be of various sizes, capacities and colors and can include one or more USB ports for charging devices.

 We will explain to you how to choose the power bank that best suits your needs.


The capacity of power banks is calculated in milliampere hours (mAh), just like that of smartphone and tablet batteries. To find the power bank that best suits your needs, you need to find out what the capacity of the battery you intend to recharge is. A simple Google search can help you figure out what the battery capacity of the device you intend to recharge is.

To find out the “true” amperage of a power bank you have to calculate the number of mAh / 5. In this way you will get a mAh value “compatible” with that of your smartphone or tablet and therefore you can better orient yourself in the purchase of a power bank!

Shape, size and weight

Power banks can have different shapes, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs or that you simply like best!

The speech is different in terms of weight and size.

The largest and heaviest power banks are those that allow you to give your devices a more powerful charge, as they are equipped with high amperage batteries.

For example, if you are often on the road, you will have to put aside portability and lightness and think only of the number of mAh.

 If you often find yourself in “extreme” situations, you will certainly have to opt for a coated power bank that is resistant to water, splashes, falls and so on.

For summer camps, on the other hand, a solar-powered power bank may come in handy, which includes solar panels thanks to which it can slowly recharge without the aid of an electrical outlet!


If, on the other hand, you need a battery to always carry with you and to use in emergency situations, the best choice would be to buy an extremely compact and slim power bank to always keep in your pocket or bag!

 Discover our Dudùu XS, the pocket power bank that always fits in the palm of your hand!


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