The summer holidays have finally arrived and everyone in one way or another try to spend at least a few days relaxing away from the stress of the city. But that means leaving the house unattended for a while.

Dudùu CAM offers the most logical alternative to spend your holidays in peace, with the convenience of keeping your home and personal belongings safe: it is a camera that can be consulted with a single click.
The smartphone is a valid and now indispensable technological aid in our daily lives, but it is also at the forefront of safe living and remote video surveillance. It allows you to control, see and monitor your home in real time, both inside and outside.

What do you need to make it work? All you need is a WiFi connection, now present in all homes! Dudùu’s indoor CAM rotates 360 degrees to give you a clear overview, both day and night, of the room in which it was installed.
The functions of Dudùu Cam make it a must for your home not only during the summer holidays but also in everyday life, when you are at work and we want to take a look at our pets. Thanks to the app compatible with both IOS and Android, you can listen to sounds and talk at a distance to make your presence understood and calm your four-legged friend.
256-bit AES encryption with symmetric key allows recordings to be saved reliably for about 2 months.

Thanks to multi-user sharing, multiple members of the same family can connect to the same camera to ensure the safety of their home. Surely Dudùu CAM can also be useful in guarding children from room to room without invading their space or to be quiet about loved ones later in life.

Want to enjoy the holidays? Dudùu will take care of your home.


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