How long can COVID-19 survive on surfaces?

COVID-19 can survive on smartphone screens for 28 days but with Dudùu Pod you can say goodbye to germs and bacteria Since Covid-19 entered our lives, we have been concerned by a growing number of doubts. Wearing gloves doesn’t really help protect us from coronavirus and there are many issues concerning the survival of the virus on surfaces. But a recent study conducted by researchers at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency, showed that Covid-19 can survive for up to 28 days on mobile phone screens. Disinfecting surfaces could be more important than we could imagine, to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But don’t panic! We have got two good news for you: the first one is that surfaces are not the main way coronavirus spreads and the second one is that Dudùu has the right solution for you! With our Dudùu Pod you can say goodbye to germs and bacteria lurking on your phone, thanks to a sterilization system 99,9% effective, able to neutralize all the viruses that can settle on your screen phone. But the features of this fantastic device does not end up here: Dudùu Pod can sanitize, recharge and eliminate bad smells from your devices at the same time! However, using Dudùu Pod, you can go beyond cleaning and making your objects freshened; thanks to the practical internal aroma dispenser, you can use your essential oils and flavors to perfume your favorite rooms. Dudùu Pod: the beauty farm at your fingertips to never miss the essentials!


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